21 Happy Facts that will restore your faith in the universe

1. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. 



2.Right now, somewhere a baby is discovering bubbles for the first time.

baby boubles


3. A group of bunnies is called a fluffer.



4. The voice of Winnie the Pooh, Jim Cummings, calls children in hospitals while in character to cheer them up.

jim cummings winnie the pooh


5. Thousands of new trees are planted every year by squirrels – because they forgot where they hid their nuts.

cute squirrel


6. Blind people smile when they’re happy, even though they’ve never seen a smile.

stevie wonder smiling


7. Otters hold hands so they don’t float away from each other while they sleep.

otters holding hands


8. The actors who voiced Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were married in real life.

mickey and minnie real life


9. This is a quokka. It might be the happiest animal on Earth.

quokka happiest animal

 10. The elements that we are composed of were formed in the interiors of collapsing stars. So technically we are all made of star dust.



11. Penguins mate for life, and they propose by giving their prospective mate a pebble. Apparently a male penguin spends a lot of time looking for the best pebble to give to his special lady.

penguins pebble


12. Google, the periodic table, the structure of our DNA, and “Yesterday” by the Beatles are all ideas that were conceived in dreams.

keep dreaming


13. Cows have BFFs. They get stressed when separated from their best friends.

cows bff


14. During the Christmas Truce of 1914, German and British soldiers played a game of football in the “no man’s land” between trenches.

WW1 christmas football truce


15.There's an island called Okunoshima in Japan filled with tame bunnies.

japan bunnies


16. Zach Braff, who played JD on Scrubs, and Donald Faison, who played Turk, are actually best friends in real life.

JD and Turk


17. Norway knighted a penguin in 2008. His name is sir Nils Olav. 

sir nils olav the penguin


18. In Welsh folklore, corgis were the preferred method of transportation for fairies.

corgis and fairies


19. There have been studies that show that goats, like us, have accents.

goats have accents


20. Cats bring you dead animals because they think you’re just a crappy cat that can’t survive on its own. 

cat present



21. And finally...just know that on this happy day, this dog thought this parade was for him.

dog thinks parade was for him


Don't worry. Be happy ;)

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