All you need to know' birthday parties!

So, it's that time of the year: you're throwing a birthday party for your child - good for you! Kids' parties can be so much fun and a great way to create some everlasting memories for your family. However, parties can sometimes be a little more overwhelming than anticipated for both parents and kids, so here are a few tips to make sure you're party is an absolute success! 

Keep it small! 

That's right, you may think "the more the merrier", but huge parties with lots of people can easily become chaotic and stressful - kids are easily overwhelmed by lots of noise and people and get tired quickly. Usually around 10-15 kids is a good number. Many people go by the rule: as many children as the birthday child's age plus one. 

Keep it simple. 

You don't have to spend a fortune and throw a birthday extravaganza for your child to have fun! Children get distracted easily, so having too many things happening at the same time will actually spoil the fun. If you're apprehensive about leading the party on your own you can always hire a children's entertainer.  

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Should I hire an entertainer?

A children's entertainer can be a great way to keep the kids happy and engaged so you can just enjoy the moment and/or focus on other things, such as preparing food, the cake, etc. Think about a theme and get just one type of entertainer or activity for the party - if you're child likes princesses, invite their favourite princess to lead the party, if they like dancing, consider a disco/dancing party! Do not mix different types of entertainers/characters at the same party, as it can get confusing! 

What about extras, such as bouncy castles or face painting? 

Some extras, such as face painting or glitter tattoos, can add a nice touch to the party, but just make sure they link to the theme and won't disrupt the flow of the party. Bouncy castles can be great fun (although also a bit of a hazard!), but they are a no-no if you're having an entertainer, as bouncy castles are very loud and impossible to compete with in terms of attention! If you still want a bouncy castle, just make sure you turn it off while the entertainer is there. Remember, simplicity is the key!

House party or venue? 

Both have pros and cons. Venues are a good option if you think your home is not suitable for a party, if you have a lot of people attending, or simply if you don't want to deal with the inevitable post-party mess! However, home parties take our vote, as they are inexpensive, there's no need to worry about times and schedules, and they can be so much more intimate and personal! 

Decorations & party bags

It's always nice to take some time to decorate your home or venue to match the party theme, but again, you don't need to go overboard. Some colourful plates, napkins and table cloths will do, and having party bags to give at the end can also be a nice touch. Beware of balloons though! They are fine to use as decorations hanging on from the ceiling, but loose balloons on the floor will turn out to be a headache - constant popping and highly distracting, making the entertainer's job much harder! 

If you've booked an entertainer make sure to enquire whether they offer packages which include decorations and/or party bags, as it may end up costing you less than arranging them separately! 

Should parents and siblings stay for the party? 

That depends on the kid's ages. General rule, children aged 6 and over are perfectly fine to be left at the party without their parents. If you've booked an entertainer, then children as young 4 are usually fine to be left on their own (as long as there is at least one adult supervising at all times). Children under 4 years old should always be accompanied by an adult, even if you have an entertainer leading the party, and adults are encouraged to join in the games and activities. The key thing to remember is, make sure the adults that have stayed behind are either watching or taking part in the activities, otherwise background chatting can become a real nuisance and disrupt the flow of the party. 


Do you have any other questions or advice? Comment below with your feedback, we'd love to hear from you! And if you're planning a princess party for your child, don't forget to get in touch.