New dresses coming soon! - the costume fittings

The new dresses are almost done!! Today we had some costume fittings! We cannot wait for them to be ready so we can show them to everyone! Our AMAZING Fairy Godmothers (dressmakers) have been hard at work creating these beautiful gowns - here's a sneak peak! 


Sleeping Beauty

Our very talented dressmaker is making sure everything fits perfectly - did you know all our costumes are made from scratch, using the best quality materials? 


Our costumes are  designed to emanate each fairytale's essence, staying true to their historical context.

Snow White

Our Fairy Godmothers are extremely experienced dressmakers who specialise in costumes for theatre - you can see their work on both West End and International productions! 

princess dresses

Which ones are your favourites?? Stay tuned for more updates. Next - WIGS!