Tailor-made Princess wigs!

So, new dresses require new wigs!! Just like our dresses, our wigs are created and customised especially for our princesses! Have a look and let us know your favourite!  

The Ice Queen

Ice Queen Wig
ice queen wig

We wanted our Ice Queen wig to be astonishing, yet realistic. So we asked our amazing team of wig makers, and here it is:  our beautiful customised lace front wig, complete with a sparkly blue ribbon!


Belle wig

Have you ever envied Beauty's beautiful brown hair? Well, with this wig you can be just like her! 

The Snow Princess

snow queen wig
snow princess wig

Our Snow Princess wig comes in a beautiful shade of red! #GingerPower

Sleeping Beauty

These are just a few of our wigs, stay in touch for more!