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Twenty Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Have you been visited by those naughty elves this Christmas? Don't they get up to such mischief!? We LOVE seeing all the shenanigans on the countdown to the big day. So much so, that we've compiled a list of the top twenty elf on the shelf ideas. A collection of ideas that have made us belly laugh, brought tears to our eyes, and straight up made us question reality to ponder the impossible. We hope you enjoy having a flick through - and make sure to save this post if you are in need of some elf inspo for Christmas 2024...

Top Twenty Elf on the Shelf Ideas


For simplicity, we've divided our favourites into four categories:


Ideas that are simple yet effective - in case you get caught short and need a quick fix! We've all been there...




SIMPLE Elf Ideas

Five simple yet effective things those silly elves can do! These can be whipped up at a moment's notice, with things you're likely to already have to hand around the house. Tucked up in bread, drawing a moustache on a beloved photo (be sure to check it's dry wipe first!), frying eggs, the Haribo way... The classic flour angels, and an accidental tumble into the washing machine!


Perhaps a list for the more organised parent - as these will need some planning! And also might require a prop or two, plus some labour time to bring it all to life. We have: Ice fishing, in the toilet bowl! A sneaky swap, the loo roll for the wrapping paper... Elves shining shoes - they have been known to help a shoemaker or two! The melting of a snowman, and our personal favourite (for obvious reasons) a FROZEN elf! Our Icy Queen says she couldn't help it, tried to conceal not feel, but accidentally let it go!


Guaranteed to make you say 'awwww'. These ideas have some incredibly wholesome vibes and we are HERE for it. After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about? We have a sleepover, complete with sock sleeping bags, with all of your little one's friends. A wild game of Os and Xs, perfect for encouraging your little ones to engage in a game or two. A science experiment, where you can see some real rainbow magic come to life in front of your eyes, a sELFie opportunity which would look perfect on the family Christmas card (just saying!) and a personalised note - with some excellent magical qualities. Guaranteed to keep your little one giddy and giggling!

FUNNY Elf Ideas

Ok, ok, this is our favourite collection. It's up to your good judgement as to whether your kids can handle the level of silliness in this selection! For the parent with the excellent sense of humour, we present:

The absolute desecration of a snowman with a cheese grater, an elf in need of some Imodium, a VERY naughty elf who's in recovery from one heck of a night, a trip to the barbers with Barbie, and - we love supporting small businesses after all - a lemonade stand that's definitely not questionable at all...

Alright, alright. We've added on more for luck, the perfect way to round off a year of naughty elves on shelves...

A Very Overcooked Elf


Big thank you to our sources for inspiration:

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