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4 Things to Avoid when booking a party entertainer

You will see lots of posts telling you what to do, but here is a post detailing some things to avoid. I have been hosting princess parties, if that’s even the right term for it, for over 8 years.

  1. AVOID companies who do not take deposits. More often than not they do not see through their booking as they have no incentive to.

  2. Less is more! You do not need to hire an entertainer for 2 hours and have a bouncy castle/ soft play as well. If you want both book your entertainer for either 30, 60 or 90 minutes to ensure that both will get the attention they deserve from the children. When the entertainer is present either turn off the bouncy castle or discourage the children from using the soft play. Trust me both together does not work!

  3. Stay clear of franchises. They charge more, as their prices are set nationally, and look into booking competitively priced local companies. These prices will reflect what other locals have paid for similar services. Franchises often overcharge you for a sub par service.

  4. You get what you pay for! Thinking you can get away with hiring a good entertainer with a decent costume for £25 per hour? Think again! Often these are just people who think they can whack on a costume and do a half decent job. Trust me they can’t! This is a hard job and you can hire real entertainers for great prices but do expect to pay within the price regions below for 1 entertainer:

30 minutes £50 to £90

60 minutes £90 to £130

90 minutes £120 to £160

2 hours £150 to £200

Prices will vary based on location, experience of the performers, age of the company, monies invested in party equipment and what each company offers in each package etc. The prices for a second performer can vary quite a lot.

Don’t over stretch yourself. If the company you want to hire charges more than you're realistically willing to pay for a 2 hour party, just book them for a shorter package. You’ll be glad that you do instead of going elsewhere and risk having a disaster of a party with a cheaper alternative.

That’s all I have for now but thanks for reading! :)

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