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Essential advice for picking the right party company for you!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Here is our step by step guide on how to choose the right party supplier for your event.

First things first decide on your budget, and check if the companies you are considering are attainable within that budget and are offering good value for money.🤑

How do you know if the company is good value for money?

  1. Easiest way to get a feel for company is their website. Is it user friendly?😀 Does it look well kept? If it looks like they've spent time and money on it then that's a good sign. A poor performing website is enough to make me look elsewhere.🙄

  2. There are a few national companies out there whose prices are set the same throughout the UK no matter where they are based. 😐 Different parts of the country have varying demographics meaning affordability should not be dictated on a national level. In our experience local companies, like us, offer more competitive prices as our prices reflect local costs. 🙂

  3. Look at the quality of the costumes, and critique them. You'd think better costumes would mean a more expensive party right? Not necessarily, some companies offer expensive parties when the costumes do not reflect this. The costumes we use are not mass produced and have been hand made to order, whereas some companies use mass produced costumes to save on costs and think “that'll do, they won’t know any different”. 😡 We don’t believe this at all, and like to offer the best costumes and experience at a good value.

  4. Check the credentials of the performers. Entertaining at a party is hard, I've had teachers tell me they couldn't do my job. I've had 10 plus years performing and working with children so I know what I'm doing. A lot of other companies don't look for these kinds of skills when employing and sending out performers. Sadly it can be just a case of our costumes will fit and she looks OK, but these attributes aren’t going to get you a successful party. 🤦‍♀️

Once you've decided on the potential company or companies you might to use its worth finding out a bit more about them.

  1. Do you like the tonality of their website, does it come across as friendly yet professional? 🤓

  2. Are they displaying reviews. 🌟 The most valuable asset to a company are its existing clients, recommending their services. No bigger compliment can be paid to a company, and if lots of other people are happy with the service that's been provided, like lots of our clients are, then there’s no reason you won't be either. 🤩

  3. Is there media of past parties? 🖼 We have lots of pictures that our clients have been happy to share with us demonstrating the success of our past events.

Now its time to make contact with the potential companies. This can either be by phone or email.

  1. When discussing your ideas with different party companies be vocal about what you envision as most companies, like us, should be willing to create a bespoke experience for you. 🤗 If they can’t seem to meet your requirements or keep putting obstacles in place then keep on searching. We never have a set plan for our parties, we have activities that we tend to find work 99% of the time but our fluidity means that we are able to meet with more unusual requests and are also able to cope with unexpected situations that may arise. We also never take on too many parties per day, for us its about quality not quantity. 👌

  2. Ask them what happens incase of an emergency. 🆘 If for some reason your performer is ill on the day what happens? My response is “death won't keep me away” the thought of letting a child down is unfathomable to me. I also work in close proximity with other independent companies to offer cover if it is needed, I’ve never ever had to cancel a party and I do not intend to.

  3. Ask about how they go about securing the booking ie deposits. Deposits tie us in as much as it does you as the client. I have heard horror stories from anxious mums who have been let down last minute 😱 by a performer who didn't take a deposit. Why does this happen?Because there is no incentive for them to fulfill the booking as you haven't parted with any cash and they're not legally liable to fulfill the booking. The other reason is because we often have to turn down other parties or work to honour your booking. If we turn down work as performers and then you as the client cancel without us having secured a deposit then we can end up really out of pocket. We also have to be able to pay our performers a cancellation fee as they in turn may have turned down work to be available for your party.

I hope this all makes sense 👍 and helps you make the right decision when booking an entertainer. Reputable party c

ompanies, like ours, hate it when clients have a bad experience as its a job we take very seriously and we try our absolute most to ensure you have a great experience with us! 🤩

If you think that we are right company for you then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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